Best Music Applications for your iPhone

When you buy an iPhone it is not just a phone it is an End to End solution to your phone and your Digital needs.  It is your Dairy, Gaming Console, Email & Social Media accessing tool and even your personal Music system in addition to the phone itself.  And yes you can make your own music using iPhone App called GarageBand all through your iPhone.

Here are some Apps which help you in streaming and downloading the Music of your choice.

  1. Pandora: Pandora is a traditional iPhone App for radio style listening and circulation.  It has sound searching capabilities to select the right music for you.


  1. Milky Chance: Over 32 million songs to choose from and select from to choose the right one. In addition, it comes with a beautiful interface for the user.


  1. Spotify: Another decent app with over 30 million songs to choose from. Spotify is able to produce exclusive content because of their deals with the artists. This App makes offline playing options available for the users.


  1. Songza: This is a very powerful free App for iPhones with very nice navigation and play list creation options.


  1. SoundCloud: SoundCloud is a very popular free App available for the Apple Platform. You can get lots of personal albums uploaded by upcoming artists and amateur singers here.  That doesn’t mean there are no music from the popular singers from around the world.  This App has visibly caught the imagination of people around the world.


  1. Slacker: This is another free Music Application. It doesn’t have options in terms of numbers like other Apps but has USP that it has good radio coverage including those related to Sports. Radio Stations like ESPN is available for the Sports Fans to take a listen when they are unable to watch a game.


Applications for Editing and Processing Video

In today’s survey of application for the iPhone and iPad, we will be discussing about the  programs for editing and processing of video that will help to make video in a smartphone without using a computer.  Let’s check some of the best applications.

iMovie App


Unlike many smartphone manufacturers, Apple frequently expect the role of the maker of the most famous applications for their gadgets. Familiar to all owners of the Mac iMovie program intended for video editing with the arrival of the 4th gen Apple phone was reported including smart devices – iPhone and iPad. In spite of the way that iMovie came much later in the AppStore comparable programs of 3r party developers, and was a long way from being free, it because popular very fast amongst the most famous applications for iPhone and iPad – generally because of the its simplicity and easy to use.

iMovie is developed with just the most elemental video editing features. For visuals, you can include photographs, music subtitles.



Slice is a standout amongst the most well known alternatives to iMovie for windows, which, strangely, at a lower expense in the AppStore gives the user more enhancements for video editing on the iPhone. For those with “pocket” institution you need to work with a few sound tracks, have more space for including sound impacts, subtitles and captions.

Create Splice allows movies from the already captured and stored on your phone, videos, photos, music, and text. All of this can be provided with variety of effects – both sound and video – adding  transition, voice recording and edit clip to the required length or mount it just in the vital areas.



After the success of Instagram numerous designers grabbed the thought to make a simple video – program, which would be pretty much as simple and advantageous to place recordings, handle them “one-touch” and in a flash offer them with companions. So there Viddy for iOS – social application for preparing and posting short recordings, the interface is precisely duplicates Instagram.



Few times successfully captured video is missing only the effects, but due to this many of us are lazy to upload the video to the PC to continue working with the video editor. A corporate iMovie from Apple, as we have noted, is very little space for innovativeness in making effects. Here we will prove to be useful and simple to utilize application CinemaFX, which will permit to differentiate the video.

For the most part CinemaFX – photograph editing application, yet there is likewise a different project for the preparing of video – CinemaFX for Video. Designers chose not to handle one program every one of the errands of gathering and preparing, and gave her just the chances to make shading impacts. A significant number of them are accessible for nothing out of pocket, some will need to pay somewhat additional.



Magisto gives you the chance to get a couple touches mounted video with extra sound and video effects. Video can be chosen from the Smartphone’s memory, or remove it just before installation. The next stage – the themes of music and video. As background music, you can utilize any track from the loaded to the telephone of music. Automatic installation of a small movie takes approximately 5 minutes.

Best Video Calling Apps for Android, iOS and Windows

Hello everyone, we know you are looking for the best video calling apps for Android. So today we are going talk about the apps, which can be used for video calling. Video calling apps are very good when it comes to talk and see the person in display/screen regardless of the location of the person who you are talking with. It just requires Internet to perform the task, and the apps we are going to share are absolutely free.

Here is the list of the best video calling apps.

  1. Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts is absolutely free on Android and other operating systems such as iOS. The app is very easy to use, and you can make video call within seconds by just using the video button/tab but don’t forget that you must have Internet if you want to use this application. The app also allow people to send text messages and Gmail messages.

Go to Google Play to download Google Hangouts on Android devices.

  1. Skype


Skype is also one of those video calling apps, which are free for different operating systems including Android and iOS. The app provides very nice quality video calling and texting as well. User doesn’t have to call a group of people one by one as the app allows to make group video call. It also supports voice calling, and if the person at the other end doesn’t have Skype then you can call that person by using Skype calling minutes but you need to pay for these calling minutes. Skype may be great choice If you want to run Facetime on Android device.

Go to Google Play to download Skype on Android devices.

  1. Viber


Viber is available for Android and other operating systems, the app is very nice when it comes to the UI. It has free video calling feature, and you can also use it for texting and voice calling. It is loaded with lots of funny stickers, and you can also download more stickers but few of them are paid. You can also top up your Viber account for calling the users outside the Viber.

Go to Google Play to download Viber on Android devices.

  1. Tango


Tango is another video calling app which is free for Android and iOS users. You can see your friends on the screen of your Android device by using the video feature of this app, and it is bit unique as it allows gaming as well. It also has voice calling and text functionality same as other apps. User can download it from Google Play, and must have Internet to enjoy the features of Tango.

Go to Google Play to download Tango on Android devices.